Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Total Knee Replacement. Total Shoulder Replacement. Back Surgery. ACL Surgery Therapy. Meniscus.

Rehabilitation of the spine

Back Surgery. Neck Surgery. Fusion. Laminectomy. Manipulation. Adjustment. Spine Rehabilitation.

Balance disorders/Vestibular rehab

BPPV. Dizziness. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Balance Disorders. Falls. Vertigo.

Injuries of the extremities

Rotator Cuff Tear. Shoulder Impingement. SLAP Tear. Tennis Elbow. Frozen Shoulder. Arthritis.


Diabetes. Neuropathy. Sensation loss. Diabetic Neuropathy. Nerve Damage. Diabetic Treatments.


Orthopedic Injury. ACL Rehabilitation.

Neurological conditions


Therapeutic Dry Needling


Yoga and Barre Training

Yoga. Personal Training. Fitness. Stretching. Pilates.

Strength Training

Strength. Strengthening. Certified Strengthening and Conditioning Specialist. Workout. Gym. Cardio.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss. Diet. Exercise. Lose Weight. Keto Diet. How to lose weight. Atkins diet. Low Carb Diet.

Pilates Training

Pilates Training. Yoga. Reformer. Tone. Body Tone up. Abs.

Balance Training

Vertigo. How to avoid falls. Proprioception. Equilibrium.